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Why I am running for Maine House Seat 66

I am running for another term in the Maine Legislature representing House 66 (Raymond, Poland and Casco) because I have seen what republican control in Maine can do and I have seen the turmoil of democrat control. It is especially true in 2016.

I was part of the only republican majority in Maine since the 1970's. I was blessed to be part of many positive changes that put more money in your pocket, made Maine more business friendly. I also saw republican leadership respect and include the democrats in our efforts. Move to the past four years and I saw a democrat controlled government attempt to return to the failed policy's of past years. I also experienced being shut out of most discussions other than being allowed to vote. With that, I still have been able to pass important legislation and more importantly, helped stop damaging bills.

Changing 40 years of neglect had been both fun and a challenge. Watching the party who created the mess return and attempt to go right back was frustrating to say the least. If you support a republican in Maine, you will get a certain result. If you support a democrat, you will get a much different result. I call on families, people who believe in what America was meant to be, business people, people of faith and people who believe government should be limited and as local as possible....to support my candidacy and other republicans of Maine in November, 2016.

I would be happy to speak with you or meet with your group if a convenient time can be found. I am humbled by your support and that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord, Maine House 66 people and Maine.

Thank you.



keep control local Keep Control Local
It often feels that things are so big that we can not impact the world or federal levels. We can however impact the local level. Joining or attending your local government and school committee is possible and doable. Knowing what is going on in your school system, helping the recreation committee or being a member of the recycling committee will make you involved and will keep control local. It is a start...My party values your participation!
maine for small business Maine WILL become friendly to small business
Maine does not treat local small businesses well. There are too many regulations, too many barriers. In 2010-2011, Republican leadership made gains. Lets look at assisting Maine small businesses to succeed! The best local control!
less rules & regulations Less rules and regulations
Do we really need that many rules and regulations? We are dealing with adults and I believe in most cases, a business owner WILL do the right thing. It is fashionable to say capitalism is not working but...the rules and regulations we now have do not allow capitalism to develop in its truest form. In the past 7 years we have seen big, federal government fail continually. Lets support Maine by being business friendly!
supporting more education Supporting Education
Children first in education. Everyone agrees that education is an important component of a successful society. There are too many rules and regulations here as well. Lets get back to allowing the teachers to teach and expecting families to raise their own children. We have placed such a burden on our schools and then get angry at them when they can not complete all we ask. Lets support our schools, which does not imply that simply throwing more money at them will solve current problems. There are way too many laws and rules that legislators have thrust on our educators...lets free up our teachers to teach!
real decisions on budget Real decisions on the State Budget
You are the reason government exists, to support you (not the other way around).The money is yours, not governments and in the 125th Legislature, we began treating the money like it is yours. The 126th & 127th Legislature returned to failed leadership and a belief that the money belonged to government. I did not support that move. I will work to continue a change back to a belief that the money is yours.
Republican Candidate-Maine House Seat District 66
Parts: Raymond, Poland and Casco